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Start a Dental Assisting Career Today!

When you inquire about a Dental Assisting Career at Elite, we will give you the facts of our program and then send you on your way to research the options in the area. We want you to make the best decision for YOU.  You won’t receive calls or emails pressuring you to enroll. We will always be here to answer any questions and help!

Dental Assisting Career

When you are being taught, you want to be taught by someone who has excelled in the field. Our staff have gone above and beyond in the field of Dental Assisting. Our lead instructors are CDA’s (Certified Dental Assistants) nationally, EFDA (Expanded Function Dental Assistants), EFODA (Expanded Function Orthodontic Assistants), Sealant and cord packing certified, Radiology Instructor Certified for the State of Oregon (as is our course and curriculum) and have over 20 years of dental assisting experience each. During each class we have multiple instructors and instructor assistants helping our students. Our ratio is typically 1:4 during lab. We make sure everyone has exceptional one-on-one time and no one is ever ‘lost’. We will come early, stay late and show up on different days to help make sure each and every one of our students succeed.

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Each of our students serve a 100-150 hour externship (optional) with a dentist in a dental office. Why is this so important and the key to our students incredible and undeniable success? Because we aren’t having them ‘just’ look for an externship, we are guiding them in looking for a job. By serving an dental assisting career externship outside of our office, they are diving directly into the pool of ‘highly in demand’ dental assisting jobs. More students are being hired or receiving a job offer prior to graduation than ever before!

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We love seeing our new classes excel at what they are learning! Our instructors are the best of the best! Why? Because they have gone above and beyond in their certifications, for both Oregon and Washington, than the average dental assistant and have a strong passion for both dental and teaching. It is often that our teachers come in early, stay late and are in contact with students to help and make sure each student understands what they are being taught. When you are learning something new, you want the best teaching you. The best is what we have at Elite Dental Assisting Academy!

Dental Assisting Graduates

If you’d like to see if you qualify for our course and start a Dental Assisting Career, please email us, or give us a call at 360-433-0788