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Dental Assistant Jobs Perfect Career For You

There are many reasons why our Academy is considered “THE BEST”!! Our curriculum goes far beyond basic training and it shows by the number of students that get hired. Our facility is upscale and we run a tight ship regarding professionalism in all aspects of learning as well as personal presentation. Our students graduate with dental assistant jobs perfect.

Dental Assistant Jobs perfect

We have highly experienced teachers (one of which is currently holding the State Presidency for the ADAA, American Dental Assisting Association for the State of Washington), and the other who has years of experience in staff training for front office as well as training Dental Assistants. Both are trained educators as well as having years of Dental Assisting experience.

We have formed alliances with many Dental Offices who have volunteered their time to help train our students in different aspects of their education in order to help them form a better understanding of the variables in office protocols. This helps the students get better dental assistant jobs perfect and get them faster.

xrayWE SEND OUR STUDENTS OUT TO DIFFERENT OFFICES FOR THEIR EXTERNSHIPS! We do not keep our students “in house” for their externships! We find externship offices for our students because we know it’s the best way for them to get hired. Each student will spend a minimum of 70, and a maximum of 130 hours in a practicing Dental Office for actual chairside experience.

We also have close relationships with different manufacturers who send representatives out to train and certify our students regarding different products and procedures.

We are serious about what we do for our students! Pictures and reviews tell it all, and so do the videos our students make for us.

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