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Enrolling Now For The Next Class At Elite Dental Assisting Academy

We recently received an email from a former Portland student who had been hired during her internship while taking our course, she writes:

“I have passed both Radiography exams and have my x-ray certificate! Yay!!! I love my job and have gotten a $2.00 an hour raise without even asking for it.  My boss is awesome!”  – Cossett P.

Cossett P-org

Our students come from all walks of life, all ages, and from a variety of career experiences! We’ve had bankers, police officers, professional dog trainers, health care workers, as well as students right out of high school, and the list goes on. But the one thing they have in common is that they had either lost their jobs due to no fault of their own, couldn’t find a job, or had been minimized to part time, and needed to make a major career change QUICK!

The top reasons for becoming a Dental Assistant are:

  1. Dental Assistant jobs are recession-proof and are in great demand!!!
  2. You can work as a Dental Assistant anywhere in the United States!!
  3. You can earn $12 to $24 per hour.
  4. Your job may come with benefits such as paid vacation, sick leave, medical and hospitalization, reimbursement for continuing education course fees, pension plans (401k) or bonus plans.
  5. You will work in a professional environment assisting with dental procedures, lab work and office duties.

DON’T WAIT!! Make the decision now to enroll before the class fills up! Thirteen weeks comes and goes in a flash and many of our students are hired before the thirteen weeks are even finished!

Reserve your spot in class and the discount coupon while you can…  Simply call (360) 433-0788 or email and come visit the school today!

Stuck in a Job You Hate? Make a Career Change Now!

student-suck-tool-opMost of us start out early in life moving from one job to another trying to find that perfect fit. However, many get “stuck” in one of those jobs for far too long before realizing a change is desperately needed! We get caught in a comfortable groove, our enthusiasm wanes, motivation turns into mediocrity, and our subconscious tells us a change needs to happen! Having the self-awareness and courage to recognize a change needs to happen often times is not an immediate process, and for many, this process can take months or even years. It’s never too late. As the late and great Robin Williams said: “Carpe Diem” – seize the day!


We are currently accepting applications for our next class, so don’t wait! As a Dental Assistant, you can earn good money with nice benefit packages in many cases. It’s a career that allows you to work anywhere in the United States. Plus the demand for Dental Assistants is growing by leaps and bounds. There are many more reasons why it makes sense to think about becoming a Dental Assistant. In just one college semester, or 13 weeks, you can be trained and ready for employment! Make an appointment today to get the information needed to change your career!

Take advantage of this opportunity and get a spot in our next Dental Assisting class while there is still room… Email or call (360) 433-0788 today!