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Dental Assistant Career – Are You Ready?


Find a job you love then! We don’t just train for a future dental assistant career here at Elite: We give you the skills to succeed in life! Our students have confidence, know how to work hard, and truly become one of the Elite!

Dental Assistant career


Our September class just graduated and boy are they a group of firecrackers! With almost all of them already having a job or job offer before graduation, we can’t wait to see what they will do next! Good luck every one!

This could be YOU! Thirteen weeks, some hard work, and determination is what it takes to give yourself a new career!


But all of our students say it is worth it! Our program is difficult, fast paced, and trains you to be the best dental assistant around!

If you are ready to take on your next adventure and give yourself a new career you love, give us a call! We are signing up for January, February, and March classes.

Have you been looking for a way to get that smile back? Why don’t you give yourself a really great reason: A new career! In just 13 weeks you could be a member of the Elite – a meticulously trained and highly demanded dental assistant. We train our student well and they benefit from that Elite training by being activily sought after by dental offices covering the Vancouver/Portland and ALL surrounding areas!

Each of our students gain the knowlege and expertise they need to be one of the Elite dental assistants working and making a difference in the work force. Another example of hands on and visual learning: See it, touch it, say it out loud, and use it! Every student learns the name and function of the tools they will use daily in their new career as a dental assistant.

If you are looking to make an impression for the better, give us a call! To ask for more information and availability for upcoming classes….Call us now at 360-433-0788, or email us  for more information and to see if you qualify.