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Dental Assisting School to Put You on the Right Path

When we say “HANDS ON LEARNING”, we mean it!. Hands on during every class, plus if you need more practice you can come in during the day! Our office is a dedicated dental assisting school! You will get real employee experience during your 100 hour externship at an outside dental office where your chances of getting hired are far greater.

dental assisting school

A person’s smile is an important part of expressing confidence as well as happiness, but when that smile unveils an unhealthy or imperfect mouth, it can impede an individuals entire attitude, mood, and outlook on life. Dental Assistants are highly sensitive to their patients, and it shows in a Dental Assistants desire to perfect the art of whatever is needed to help a Dentist restore a patients tooth.

Don’t wait any longer! Call today and prepare to change not only your life, but the lives of those you help! If you consider yourself dependable, dedicated, a quick leaner and ready to make the move into a professional career, then call us to see if you qualify to take our course! Are students are cream of the crop, that’s why we are ELITE!