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Dental Assistant Open House (Kid Friendly!)

Want to learn more about Elite Dental Assisting Academy?

All are invited to join us for a kid-friendly, no pressure lunch-time dental assistant open house!

Come take a look at our school, bring your questions, chat with teachers and staff, while enjoying lunch on us and yes, it also includes chocolate!
dental assistant open house
No gimmicks, no sales pitch, no pressure. Just pure information, fun and food.

Monday, November 18th, 2019 from 11:30am to 1:00pm
2415 SE 165th Ave., #103
Vancouver, WA 98683

We look forward to meeting you!

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Start a Dental Assisting Career Today!

When you inquire about a Dental Assisting Career at Elite, we will give you the facts of our program and then send you on your way to research the options in the area. We want you to make the best decision for YOU.  You won’t receive calls or emails pressuring you to enroll. We will always be here to answer any questions and help!

Dental Assisting Career

When you are being taught, you want to be taught by someone who has excelled in the field. Our staff have gone above and beyond in the field of Dental Assisting. Our lead instructors are CDA’s (Certified Dental Assistants) nationally, EFDA (Expanded Function Dental Assistants), EFODA (Expanded Function Orthodontic Assistants), Sealant and cord packing certified, Radiology Instructor Certified for the State of Oregon (as is our course and curriculum) and have over 20 years of dental assisting experience each. During each class we have multiple instructors and instructor assistants helping our students. Our ratio is typically 1:4 during lab. We make sure everyone has exceptional one-on-one time and no one is ever ‘lost’. We will come early, stay late and show up on different days to help make sure each and every one of our students succeed.

Dental Assistant Dental Assisting

Each of our students serve a 100-150 hour externship (optional) with a dentist in a dental office. Why is this so important and the key to our students incredible and undeniable success? Because we aren’t having them ‘just’ look for an externship, we are guiding them in looking for a job. By serving an dental assisting career externship outside of our office, they are diving directly into the pool of ‘highly in demand’ dental assisting jobs. More students are being hired or receiving a job offer prior to graduation than ever before!

Dental Assisting Job

We love seeing our new classes excel at what they are learning! Our instructors are the best of the best! Why? Because they have gone above and beyond in their certifications, for both Oregon and Washington, than the average dental assistant and have a strong passion for both dental and teaching. It is often that our teachers come in early, stay late and are in contact with students to help and make sure each student understands what they are being taught. When you are learning something new, you want the best teaching you. The best is what we have at Elite Dental Assisting Academy!

Dental Assisting Graduates

If you’d like to see if you qualify for our course and start a Dental Assisting Career, please email us, or give us a call at 360-433-0788


Dental Assisting Evening Class Graduates

CONGRATULATIONS to our recent Dental Assisting evening class! Three of these four incredible students were hired before graduation and the forth is pending! A HUGE thank you to all the family and friends who came out to support these graduates! You were one of the happiest, LOUDEST groups we’ve ever had! Now we understand why this class was so fun. SO. MUCH. SUCCESS! It’s all about helping our students get hired!

Dental Assisting evening class

Also, thank you Destiny for being a terrific student and sharing your experience with others:

Congratulations to graduate Olivia:

If you’d like to see if you qualify for our course, please email us, or give us a call at 360-433-0788


Dental Assisting OPEN HOUSE

Want to learn more about Elite Dental Assisting Academy?

Or perhaps you are a former student and would like to drop in and say hello? How about a dental office interested in a student extern, or just curious about our course?


All are invited to join us for a kid friendly, no pressure eat and greet Dental Assisting Open House.

Come take a look at our school, bring your questions, chat with teachers, staff, former and current students, while enjoying snacks that keep the dental profession in business (yes, chocolate!).

No gimmicks, no sales pitch, no pressure. Just pure information, fun and food.
When: March 8, 2019
Where: Elite Dental Assisting Academy
2415 SE 165th Ave., #103
Vancouver, WA 98683
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm



Dental Assistant Scholarships – Celebrating 7 Years!

Dental Assistant ScholarshipsCelebrating 7 years, Offering 7 SCHOLARSHIPS for $700 each! Accepting Applications!

We believe in giving back to the community and don’t want a potential rock star missing out on an opportunity when we could help.

As we celebrate the beginning of our seventh year in business, we will be giving back to our community by offering 7 scholarships at $700 each.

Click Here or call today for SIMPLE application details! 360-433-0788, or email us for scholarship application information:


Dental Assisting – Best Career For You?

Becoming CPR qualified is just one of the skills a certified dental assistant needs to have. We provide this essential dental assisting training during our 13 week class.

Dental Assisting

Do not sell yourself short – make sure to research the Dental Assisting programs around you and find out if anything is “too good to be true!” Do you have questions? We’ll give you the answers, no hiding or sugar coating involved! We want you to succeed, and to succeed you need to have all the facts!

Our students will be the first to tell you that our course is fast paced, difficult, full of information, and FUN! If you are having a hard time finding your smile these days, why not look into that new career you’ve been dreaming about? Dental assisting is a highly sought after profession. At Elite we train the best, so give yourself the best start out there!

These are the smiling faces (yes, be assured they are smiling under those fabulous masks!!) of the future Dental Assistants! Learning the proper techniques and procedures of taking an x-ray is just one of the many important things our students learn.

At Elite we pride ourselves on the training our students receive, the way they always seem to excel and rise above the rest, and the friendships that are formed during each and every class. You will not only become the best in your new profession, you will gain personal AND professional relationships that will take you through to your exciting new career!

Did you know that dental assistants – especially the dependable, well trained dental assistants that Elite trains – are highly sought after? After only 13 weeks of training in our program with our top-certified instructors, you will be ready to become a dental assistant. You will be one of the Elite!

Our students graduate our program with the knowledge they need to be the best of the best in their new career field! They are the Elite of the dental assistants, and prove it over and over. Almost daily we have offices asking if we have any students available for a job.

Are you ready to join the Elite and rise above the rest? Then give us a call! Classes fill up fast, ask about upcoming availability! Call us now at 360-433-0788, or email us  for more information and to see if you qualify.


Dental Assistant Career – Are You Ready?


Find a job you love then! We don’t just train for a future dental assistant career here at Elite: We give you the skills to succeed in life! Our students have confidence, know how to work hard, and truly become one of the Elite!

Dental Assistant career


Our September class just graduated and boy are they a group of firecrackers! With almost all of them already having a job or job offer before graduation, we can’t wait to see what they will do next! Good luck every one!

This could be YOU! Thirteen weeks, some hard work, and determination is what it takes to give yourself a new career!


But all of our students say it is worth it! Our program is difficult, fast paced, and trains you to be the best dental assistant around!

If you are ready to take on your next adventure and give yourself a new career you love, give us a call! We are signing up for January, February, and March classes.

Have you been looking for a way to get that smile back? Why don’t you give yourself a really great reason: A new career! In just 13 weeks you could be a member of the Elite – a meticulously trained and highly demanded dental assistant. We train our student well and they benefit from that Elite training by being activily sought after by dental offices covering the Vancouver/Portland and ALL surrounding areas!

Each of our students gain the knowlege and expertise they need to be one of the Elite dental assistants working and making a difference in the work force. Another example of hands on and visual learning: See it, touch it, say it out loud, and use it! Every student learns the name and function of the tools they will use daily in their new career as a dental assistant.

If you are looking to make an impression for the better, give us a call! To ask for more information and availability for upcoming classes….Call us now at 360-433-0788, or email us  for more information and to see if you qualify.

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Best Dental Assistant Instructors and Graduates

Start with the best Dental Assistant Instructors = Train the best Dental Assistants!

Here at Elite all of our instructors are not just RDA (Registered Dental Assistants), but they are CDA (CERTIFIED Dental Assistants) and EFDA. On top of this our fabulous instructor Tracee is the President for the National Dental Assisting Association for the state of Washington. There are 38 years of experience between our two lead instructors, and 15 years between the rest. If you want to train the best, you start with the best teachers… which we have!

Best Dental Assistant Instructors

They started school nervous, scared, and ready to take on the world. Tonight they start a new journey!! Many have already been hired, many are job interviewing and three are continuing on to become hygienists!! We will miss this special group of students!!! We had to post at least one graduation picture tonight, the rest are coming in a day or two!!!

When doing your research find the place that is best for YOU. Then call us for more information and to set up an interview! 😁 The next class only has a few spots left. Call 360-433-0788 or email us for information.

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Dental Assistant Graduation – Got What it Takes?

Dental Assistant Graduation for our winter class. Congratulations to all of our wonderful students! We had a full house last night at the Marriott for our graduation ceremony. It’s wonderful to see the amount of support our students receive from family and friends! The time passes quickly when you study hard and are totally involved with learning what is required of you. These students made new life-long friends and were encouraging to each other in a very positive way. We look forward to seeing them in the future and watching them grow in their new career!!

Dental Assistant Graduation

da-portland-pigs-footIs that a pigs foot????? Why yes it is!! Here at Elite Dental Assisting Academy we believe the students should get a feel for placing sutures on one of the closest things to human skin. Although Dental Assistants can’t place sutures, if they understand how they’re put in they can better understand how to take them out.

An absolute PERFECT day for the beginning of  class!! The sun was shinning, blossoms everywhere, and excited students ready for a new beginning!! They have just ended their second week of class and are finishing up three certifications! Our  students are a fantastic, enthusiastic group ready to accomplish their goals!!!

da-portland-studentIs Dental Assisting a career for you? We are enrolling now for our next sessions, so don’t wait!!! Call us now at 360-433-0788, or email us for more information and to see if you qualify.