Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities after Graduation

We are always a bit surprised that we get this question over and over! Quick answer to the question is YES! There are many dental assistant jobs available… Will WE find that job for you? NO.

How successful have our students been at getting a job? VERY! We push our students very hard into getting out there and interviewing for a job within the first month of our course. We help each student prepare professional resumes and cover letters to ensure their confidence is high. Nearly one-half of our students are hired prior to graduation! Our graduates have a 80% hire rate.

This means that those who have been hired during the course are actually getting paid to do their intern/externships because the Dentists want to make sure the student will stay with them after graduation! On average, 67% of our graduated students have jobs within the first three months.

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Dental Assistant Jobs after Graduation

We do not guarantee that a student will get hired after taking this course. We give our students the training, knowledge, and skills required to get an entry level job as a Dental Assistant, and we know the need for Dental Assistants are very high throughout the entire United States. However, we have no control over individual personalities and motivation that are key to acquiring a job.

As I recall my college years, I don’t remember ever asking my college if I would be able to get a job once I finished. I KNEW I would get a job and it would be because of the effort I put into doing so. My Dad always taught me that if I was looking for an eight hour a day job, then I should spend eight hours a day looking for a job until I found one!

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