Cindy Cortese, Owner / Managing Director

Cindy Cortese is a seasoned business professional and will serve as Managing Director and facilitator for the academy. Ms. Cortese has over 30 years experience as a business owner, Artist/Illustrator, logistics coordinator for large scale events, and served as Managing Director for a Massachusetts based biotech company. Ms. Cortese specializes in concept development and marketing execution. Ms. Cortese has successfully executed multimillion dollar license and royalty contracts with some of the largest Corporations in her prior industry. Having taught anatomy and physiology labs to help pay her way through college, Ms. Cortese’s dream of returning her ambitions towards helping students have come full circle.

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Keri Sork, Executive Student Administrator and Advisor

Prior to joining Elite Dental Assisting Academy, Keri worked with many community organizations such as county crisis lines, children’s justice centers, and law offices to assist families and individuals in leading fuller, happier lives. Keri has been an active supporter of education for many years and has served in the public schools teaching art and handwriting, as a pianist for choirs, establishing booster programs to assist in funding arts education and providing extra-curricular opportunities for students to learn and grow. Keri loves to support others as they work to develop new talents and skills. Together with her background and Bachelor of Science degree, Keri is a great support to our students as they begin their new career as dental assistants. Keri is an integral and valued part of our team!

Kristin Davis, RDA, CDA, OREGON EFDA, OREGON EFODA, Sealants, Matrix Bands and Teeth Whitening Certified, OREGON Radiologic Proficiency Instructor, Lead Instructor for Elite

Kristin has been a dental assistant since 2005 and has her Expanded Functions Dental Assistant certification (EFDA) as well as her Expanded Functions Orthodontics Dental Assistant certification.  She has worked in many general and specialty offices throughout her career in the Vancouver/Portland metropolitan areas.

Kristin has extensive experience as an office administrator, lead dental assistant and has “super power” patience to train new employees.

Kristin joined Elite Dental Assisting Academy in 2014 as an instructor. She has been instructing, creating curriculum and learning the business side of the school ever since.  Any opportunity to gain specific certifications, licenses, and to expand her knowledge, has been taken seriously.  This is what makes Kristin one of our BEST!

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Kristin Whitney, CDA, EFDA, EFODA, Instructor

Kristin has been a Dental Assistant licensed in the State of Oregon since 2005.

Kristin is certified in EFDA as well as EFODA (Expanded Functions Orthodontic Assistant).

She has extensive experience as an office administrator and is exceptional at instructing and training new staff.

Kristin brings an additional level of professionalism to our school as an instructor and we are honored to have her as part of our staff.

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Kim Reagan, RDA, Instructor

Kim is an experienced and loyal dental assistant with an exceptional skill set. She has experience in all aspects of a Dental office.

Kim understands both Oregon and Washington state requirements which are essential to our program due to the extreme differences in state criteria. She has a patient disposition, superb teaching skills and techniques. We are honored to have her on our staff.

Meredit Rojas Martinez, RDA, Assistant Instructor

Meredit is an experienced dental assistant and has served in lead positions during her career. Meredit was a former student at Elite Dental Assisting Academy and we are so proud of her accomplishments over the years. She has great instructing abilities and relates well with students; a born teacher! With her bilingual abilities, she is a real asset to our school! We are honored to have her on our staff.

Please feel free to contact us anytime! Remember, Washington and Portland area dental assisting salary is Excellent.

Juli West, RDA, Assistant Instructor

Juli West is a highly skilled and experienced Registered Dental Assistant and Assistant Instructor. With a background as an orthodontic assistant and five years of experience as a lead dental assistant for a General dentist, Juli brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as an instructor.

Juli graduated from the prestigious Elite Dental Assisting Academy, where she received comprehensive training in dental assisting techniques, patient care, and administrative duties. Her commitment to excellence and attention to detail make her a valuable asset in the dental field.

In addition to her technical skills, Juli is known for her patience, kindness, and thorough approach to patient care. Her gentle demeanor and compassionate nature make her well-loved by both patients and colleagues alike.

Outside of the dental office, Juli has a passion for animals, quilting, and staying active through working out. Her diverse interests and hobbies enhance her well-rounded persona and contribute to her ability to connect with others on a personal level.

It is truly an honor to have Juli West as an instructor. Her dedication to the field of dentistry, combined with her genuine care for others, make her a standout professional in her field. Students who have the privilege of learning from Juli can rest assured that they are receiving top-notch instruction from a true expert in the field.

Stephanie Johnson, RDA, CDA, OR EFDA, OR Sealant Certified Instructor, OR Radiologic Proficiency Instructor

Stephanie Johnson joined our team as an instructor at Elite Dental Assisting Academy during the fall of 2016. Stephanie, like our other instructors, is the cream of the crop!!! She graduated from the Vocational Skills Center and has been an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant certified (EFDA) since 1999. Currently Stephanie works full time in a private general dental office and has been there since 2007. Stephanie has worked in many general and specialty offices throughout her career in the Vancouver/Portland metropolitan areas. Her love for the Dental Profession is manifested through her stellar teaching techniques and ability to connect with students.

Katie Mead, RDA, CDA, EFDA, Assistant Instructor

Katie joined our team in 2016 and we couldn’t be happier! Katie was an Elite Student in 2015 and understands what it takes to achieve success from the students point of view. Katie was hired shortly after graduating from Elite and gained her radiology license for Oregon State and then went on to pass her EFDA certification. Prior to becoming a Dental Assistant, Katie achieved a degree in Applied Science for Child and Family Studies as well as a Certificate in Early Literacy. Because Katie lives in Washington and works in Oregon, she understands the difference in state certifications and is a great help to students in encouragement and clarification. We look forward to a long relationship with Katie.

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