Dental Assisting Job Opportunity in 13 Weeks

Dental Assisting Job Opportunity in 13 Weeks

WE WANT YOU … To be happy, successful, and in a career you love! Have you ever considered becoming a dental assistant? If you love working with people, and are highly motivated, then this career will be perfect for you. No one is too old to switch to – or start – a new career! At Elite you could have your dental assisting job opportunity in just 13 weeks. Why not contact us for a no pressure “I want more information” interview? Click here for Financial Aid info.

Three nurses in white coats and masks sitting at a table.


Do not let other schools tell you an externship is not necessary! The time a student spends volunteering in a Dental Office in the capacity of an employee is an absolute necessity. When students learn procedures during class where they feel comfortable and relaxed working on fellow classmates, they “think” they’re ready, but until they are in an office and are asked to do the procedure on a patient is when they are truly on high alert and everything they’ve learned finally seals into their brain.

Students also realize quickly that what they learn in class will vary from office too office, so it is important to always remain positive with a willingness to adapt quickly to different protocols. Many students serve hours in different externship sites in order to experience new methods of technique.

DON’T WAIT! Make the decision now to enroll before the classes fill up!  Get started on a great new dental assisting job opportunity. Please email us, or give us a call at 360-433-0788. Our next class is filling up fast, so don’t wait! We are excited to meet you!

Two women in white lab coats and a dummy
Three people in white lab coats and masks are standing near a dental chair.
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