Dental Assistant Job Certification for a Fantastic New Start

Dental Assistant Job Certification for a Fantastic New Start

Why Dental Assisting? When we meet with potential students, one of the first questions we ask is, “Why dental?” We want to know what drives these motivated students to the dental field. We have heard everything from, “to cure my dental phobia”, to, “I want to be in the healthcare field but not cleaning up bodily fluids” to “My dentist growing up made a visit fun!” and, “It is a great career field for me because of my family”.  At Elite you could have your dental assistant job certification in just 13 weeks. Click here for Financial Aid info.

Each and every person has a different drive, and that is what makes our students successful: The drive to make a difference in this world! What is your drive? What is your reason?If you have been contemplating a new career, or craving a change, why not try the Dental field? Our dental assistants are the most highly sought after in our field. Our course in fast, intense, and worth it! If you crave a little something more, give us a shot!

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DON’T WAIT! Make the decision now to enroll before the classes fill up!  Get started on a great new dental assistant job certification opportunity. Please email us, or give us a call at 360-433-0788. Our next class is filling up fast, so don’t wait! We are excited to meet you!

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