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Teachers You Remember! Elite Dental Assisting Academy

Tracee-GWe can all recall those few teachers during our lives who made a profound effect on our future, and that is exactly the criteria we look for when hiring our teachers. Just what are those qualities that make up those few great memorable teachers? As stated by Renee Moore, “Consider a parent teaching their child to ride a bike; first the parent may ride with the child while the parent peddles and steers. The next time, the parent lets the child peddle while the parent steers. Finally, the parent will balance the child, aim her down the sidewalk, push the child off and let go! Great teachers do that: They start or move the minds of their students along a path, prepare them for the journey and propel them in to the future. And they do it consistently and passionately”.  Sounds pretty good right? But what about the student who would rather just be given the bike and the time to figure out how to balance and ride on her/his own?

Kristen-WGreat teachers not only have the ability to understand what an individual student requires, they have the wisdom and compassion to adjust to those needs. A great teacher also dishes out tough love! They carefully lay out the rules along with the consequences and then follow through, all the while giving good, sound, positive reinforcement!

Tracee Godfrey and Kristin Whitney (Kristin is our newest addition) are two of those few teachers who consistently produce successful students. Read what some of our past students have said about Tracee:

“…….Tracee Godfrey is the best instructor you could ask for! She is there for her students 100 %. She makes your learning and employment a priority. I got a job before I even graduated…..”

“…..Thank you Tracee, for your hard work and dedication…..”

“…..This school was absolutely worth every penny, and here’s the reason why…. Tracee Godfrey!! She is the best instructor I could have ever hoped for. She was always eager to answer all my questions, and let me tell you, I had a LOT of questions. She went above and beyond the call of duty everything single day. She helped me in and outside the class room, and was ALWAYS there for me. She genuinely wanted to help you learn.
I definitely do not think I would have finished this course if it wasn’t for our instructor Tracee Godfrey. She made everything worth it. Because of her I was ready (with loads of knowledge) for my first job as a DA. I started working as a DA as of January 2014. I felt well equipped for work, all because of Tracee, thank you!”

“…….breath, you can get through this, that’s what Tracee Godfrey kept telling me through this course, so I did. And every time I’d hold my breath she’d shake me up until I’d just breath again and keep moving on. I got hired during the second month of the course! Thank you Tracee for believing in me, for believing in all of us!”

You can have the best curriculum available, but without the best teachers to deliver that curriculum, the curriculum is worthless.

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2 Responses to “Teachers You Remember! Elite Dental Assisting Academy”

  1. Jake O. says:

    I wish more teachers were like the both of you. You have a great talent for helping others. Great Work !!

  2. Tracy O. says:

    What a great group of teachers you got here. You guys work well together and the students respond great. Thanks for caring.