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ELITE GRADUATION!! Enthusiasm at it’s best!

Our Summer class graduation was attended by many family and friends who have supported their graduate throughout the thirteen weeks of hard work and dedication. These students have interviewed for jobs and we hope to hear a LOT of good news from everyone of them as they persue their career as Dental Assistants.


A special thank you to Krista who volunteered to speak at the graduation ceremony! This class has grown especially close and have supported each other in getting through chalanges. They have shown the ability to work together as a team and show their postive attitude. We will miss you girls!!









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3 Responses to “ELITE GRADUATION!! Enthusiasm at it’s best!”

  1. Germali B. says:

    That’s how it is! I did not know, thank you – this site always has good information! Thank you.

  2. Faith H. says:

    Dental assisting school has been great. I have learned new skills and I am excited for graduation. Nice work everyone 🙂

  3. Billi B. says:

    I just think it is so great the enthusiasm of the classes. And getting a job is good too 😀 – I am working as a dental assistant in San Diego after graduating…